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The Mini Print™ excels as a portable thermal printer with Bluetooth connectivity, designed for fast, mobile printing of photos, notes and to-do lists from iOS or Android devices. Its free app offers advanced features like OCR and scanning, allowing users to personalize their prints with text, images and QR codes.

With a compact and lightweight design, the Mini Print™ is makes it the ideal companion for those looking for a versatile and practical solution. Its ease of use is highlighted by not requiring ink or toner, making it convenient and economical in the long term. However, it is recommended that you check international electrical compatibility before purchasing, as you may need adapters or converters for use outside the United States.

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Perfect for your room!

Imagine you're in your room, right? It's like, super dark, and you're totally freaking out, all by yourself with nobody to talk about how scared you are. But hey, no worries, 'cause that's where our Squishy Pets come in clutch! They're like the perfect buds for pet lovers and brave souls who rock the no-light bedtime scene.

Auto shut-off in 30 minutes

Just as you heard it, you can rest relax, as our product comes with a 30-minute automatic shut-off option

Brightness adjustment available!

You can tweak how bright it is, making it super easy to use. It's like, the cherry on top of the whole experience!

It's all soft and squishy

Got anxiety? Well, this product's got your back! It's not just a night light, it's soft and squishy too.

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